Welcome back!

Some of you I’m sure are feeling overwhelmed while others are still on vacation mode, I know I am, especially after having a nice long weekend! However, I shouldn’t complain my first week back was pretty light.

I’m currently taking EKG, which is held at Demerly Hall two nights a week and is instructed by Dennis Koch. Counting myself, there are only 6 students registered for this class. Trust me I was shocked as well. Fortunately for us I think it is safe to say that if for any reason either of us need assistance there won’t be any problem getting one on one attention. The particular course is 4 credits because of the lab requirement. Since there are only 6 of us we all partake in lab every Tuesday night following class time. There is much to learn within the class itself, but Dr. Koch is really good about breaking everything down and reiterating information as needed. Not only is this class educational it is also hands on. By the end of this term each of us will be able to evaluate an electrocardiogram, otherwise known as an EKG or ECG, as well as administer a stress test.

That’s all for now!