I was going to insert a super cheesy quote about beginning 2014 with all of these endless possibilities but I’ll save you all from that tacky nonsense. (You’re welcome) Please don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the feelings that are associated with a “fresh start.”  However, if you scroll through any Facebook newsfeed the past few days, you can agree those yearly reflection statuses are a tad redundant. Not to mention the statuses about all of the outlandish goals people promise to accomplish in 2014. Sure, everyone has experienced a lot in one year, but typing it all out in a status? I personally don’t find that necessary. I think it’s important to set goals as well but make them attainable, please.

Aside from my New Year’s rant, I must say the feeling of a new year and new semester is very appealing to me. I’m a total nerd and nothing makes me happier than a fresh set of school supplies. (Don’t lie, you like it too!) I also enjoy the first day of classes (I know, there must be something wrong with me!) because it gives me a chance to get it together again! I mean, it’s not that I did not have it together last semester, I completed everything just under extremely high pressure because I procrastinated. So this semester, I hope to be more productive. (No, this is not a New Year’s resolution!)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet but I will be living on campus this semester with some other girls I met in the CSPA program. I am very thrilled to have a worry-free commute from now on as I will be walking everywhere! The snow this winter has caused my commute time to nearly double.  I think snow is pretty to look at but if I don’t have to drive in it on my way to my assistantship or class, I will avoid it at all costs! I am very lucky because I will be living in the Delevan Townhouses and I can literally walk to class and my assistantship at Medaille! No more snowy commute for me! I hope everyone has had a restful holiday with family and friends but I am ready to return to my normal routine!