Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. —Helen Keller

Well its about that time of the semester! There is a lot of work to get done all at once, and I feel like I basically have no life! Although, I have learned so much valuable information during this semester regarding differentiation, creativity, and how collaboration can actually be very important in regards to teaching. Plus the semester is basically over so I am happy about that! :)

Before this semester, I never really connected the dots on how collaboration might be an effective tool for teachers to use when they are planning and implementing their instruction. Collaboration is actually a great tool for not only teachers to use, but also for any individual to use in any profession. Collaboration helps people to brainstorm more ideas and be able to build upon each other’s ideas. It also helps people to form a stronger relationship with each other, and learn all sorts of new and valuable information from each other. Not many people know it, but collaboration is really what drives our world because without people  collaborating, there would be no new ideas being formed and everything would just stay the same. There would be no real progress or creativity without people collaborating in the workplace. In my EDDI 510 class, I just recently got to start working on a collaboration based assignment in which we have to create our own collaboration plan that will help us to solve a particular challenge we are having that relates a collaboration issue. I think this was a very valuable assignment to do because it helped me think about how valuable collaboration is in the work place as well as in our everyday conversations with each other. I think it was interesting to look at a potential collaboration issue and then come up with goals and strategies to solve that issue because then in the future if there is an issue that is similar to this, it will be much easier to go about solving that issue. I never really thought about collaboration and the actual value of it before doing this assignment. I now know that it is something that we should be using to our advantage each day. Collaboration has led us to so many great ideas, inventions, and products; it is not just one solitary person who comes up with ideas and inventions. We need to communicate and share our diverse ideas in order for us to come up with the most innovative results!

Collaboration is truly the only way to look at improving our ideas and our future as a whole; we as teachers should be advocates for constant opportunities and tools that will help us to collaborate worldwide.


I also would like to wish everyone good luck on finals, and I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming holiday season with their families!!!