The semester is almost in the rear-view with finals week devilishly looming its breath upon our necks. Before the semester ends and the examination onslaughts begin, we get a short break to breathe and collect ourselves. Next week brings with Thanksgiving and marks the pinnacle of the season. If you have followed my blog since the first entry, you know that fall is my utmost favorite season. A period of time people use to reflect and come closer to the ones they love. This is especially unique for me because I have a big family that I do not see too often.

I come from an inner family consisting of two parents and four siblings (seven total including me). When we were younger, every holiday was an extravaganza. All seven of us lived in one house and it was an amazing experience. Everyone gathered around the dinner table sharing food and thankfulness and it really touched me. Fast forward to today, and we are each working on our own individual families. We no longer live in the same house but thankfully we all reside in Buffalo. Although scattered, our love for one another is as great as it has ever been. The broadening of our lineage throughout the city is the main reason why major holidays have become even more special to us. Now that I have three nephews and one niece, the joy I see on their faces as they experience these holidays for the first time is both an emotional and fulfilling moment. It is a moment that instantaneously transports me to my childhood. Witnessing the happiness of their adolescence not only affects me, but all of us live vicariously through these children. It was only a couple decades ago that we were playing together on the floor as a big meal was being cooked. Now our parents watch their grandchildren do the same things their children did. As we cook the big meal collectively. Enjoy your holiday everyone, and enjoy your time off. I know I will.