Demerly Hall is home to both the Women’s Business Center and the Health and Human Performance Center. Within the Health and Human Performance Center you will find the necessary equipment needed to perform various stress tests and body composition tests, such as bike ergo-meters, treadmills, and an underwater weigh tank. Establishments comprised of these resources are slim to non throughout Buffalo, NY. Fortunately, Canisius has been nice enough to offer their students, as well as the public, access to their facility.

As a student in the Health and Human Performance Masters Program, you will need to study Exercise Prescription. Throughout this class you will need to determine a goal for yourself and conduct a 4 week exercise prescription in hopes to achieve that particular goal.  I myself have not taken this class yet, but as a graduate assistant here at Demerly Hall I have worked and spoken with those who are. Multiple students involved in the class have come to Demerly Hall to utilize the machinery and have been able to test not only their body fat percentages, but their VO2 max as well.

So please fell free to stop by Demerly Hall and check out all the amenities our facility has to offer, and if your are interested in getting tested, either I or our other two graduate assistants will be happy to help.

Until next time!