College is a wonderful experience. Being able to choose what path to begin your career is truly a unique and privileged right. Higher education is an enormous step in the life of any student. It is a leap that is both exciting and scary. The environment is substantially different with many various social elements occurring at the same time. It can be overwhelming to take in all at once. If college is the bigger picture, then this week’s blog entry is the frame which encases it.

A very simple process is a big factor in determining how you get to school on a daily basis. To put it more blatantly, how do you get to school? Do you commute through your own vehicle or public transportation? Do you dorm on campus and simply wake up and walk to class? Either way, each of these methods of transportation can successfully get you to school every day. So it is rightfully so that each has positives and negatives to be discussed.

Getting to school by catching a bus can be time consuming and seem like a waste because you must wait to be picked up. In comparison to a car, the bus will save money you would normally spend on gas. Also, you would not need to worry about finding a parking spot in the morning which would lessen the wasted time aspect that waiting for the bus would present. If you drove a car to school, you could minimize your travel time and wouldn’t be dependent on the bus schedule. You could stay at school for however long you like without worrying about missing your bus. This would allow you to study for your classes at school more often. If you dorm on campus you can simply walk to your classes and go back to your dorm during the break. No matter which method of transportation you  choose, there is no denying that getting to school is very important. As the semester comes to a close, Thanksgiving recess will soon be upon us.