Do you like to travel? Does the thrill of experiencing culture in an overseas country excite you? Students in the One-Year MBA Program have been given an amazing opportunity to take advantage of during the spring semester. A course titled MBA 686, or Doing Business in the EU, is a class that takes place abroad over various locales in the European Union. It takes place from March 14th to March 22nd during spring break week and will allow those enrolled to visit three iconic countries in Europe. Countries that will welcome students include England, France, and Belgium.

Upon arrival, students will be introduced to issues impacting the economic and political processes of the European Union. Students will experience these issues through course readings and various activities conducted while within each country. These activities are encompassed by field work which takes place in various businesses across multiple platforms. Participation in these field work studies constitutes half of your grade for the class. The other half is recognized through the completion of a research paper. This research paper must be 15 pages long and will expand upon a topic touched upon while overseas.

By taking this course, it will fulfill a 3 credit elective that would normally need to be taken during the summer semester.  That is a great opportunity to travel internationally for a week and fulfill a 3 credit requirement at the cost of airfare and a 15 page paper. You will be able to attend one less class during the summer semester which would make things easier as a whole. If you love unique opportunities and fascinating new experiences, then this course is the perfect vehicle for you. There are many students in the One-Year Program who have signed up and are eagerly awaiting this fantastic trip. As the semester winds down, the Holidays are slowly approaching us. Soon it will be time to rejoice with our loved ones.