Spring Registration has already arrived! We have flown through this semester quite fast! In all my classes there have been discussions about which classes are offered, which are not, and how this affects graduation down the road.  In the Counseling Graduate program, many students want to know which courses are best to take before or after pre-practicum and internship. It starts to feel like a marathon when trying to get your schedule on track and finish as soon as possible.

However, after two solid semesters in this graduate program, the one thing I have finally realized, which has been said many times throughout our courses and orientation, is that this program is not a marathon. This program is for you as an individual to grow and learn throughout all of your courses. The path towards graduation should reflect you as a student walking through each course and learning not only at school, but also immersing yourself outside of the classroom; as Dr.Moll always says “be who you want to become”. As you walk through the program, and take every opportunity presented to you, that walk across the graduation stage will feel just as rewarding as each and everyday of this program. So what is your choice? Marathon or Walk? I am definitely walking!

Natasha Lavji