Quote of the Day:

“Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it.”

– Marva Collins


Assuming that most of my readers are either undergraduates or professionals looking to better their skills and enhance their knowledge, I figured I would share this inspirational quote in hopes to give you some incentive to keep going.

After spending a substantial amount of time gaining an undergraduate degree, I came out still unsure of what I wanted to do. Some of you may be able to relate to my dismay if you experienced a similar situation. Overall it is very frustrating knowing you just spent an extensive amount of time and money to gain a Bachelors Degree, and have no idea where to go from here. I majored in Human Development planning to continue on with school counseling. However, after hearing about school budget cuts, I couldn’t bear the thought of coming out of my masters with a very slim chance of getting a job after all that work. So I decided to pursue my Health Science minor in hopes that I would find a more marketable job.

I decided to come to Canisius because I knew their Health and Human Performance Masters Program would provide me with the necessary skills employers are looking for. This masters program is very versatile, which is perfect for me because, honestly, I’m still unsure of what I want want to do. There are so many jobs available it’s hard to pick just one, particularly because I have multiple interests. Fortunately for for me this program includes TWO internships, allowing me to explore my interests and gain a hands on experience in those particular fields; killing two birds with one stone.

Overall my message to you is to never give up on your ultimate goal in life. Your have to go find that dream job and do whatever it takes to get it. Sure it may take years of hard work and dedication, but your end result will be forever promising.

Good Luck!