As the semester is nearing an end, we must look towards the future and determine what courses to take and what times to take them. Sometimes registering for the next semester is a stressful process. You hastily log into your respective college website and attempt to secure every desired class at the perfect time that works for you. Sometimes this idea isn’t realized because others may register in the course before you can. The website may be overloaded with student users and won’t allow you to log in at all to register. Fortunately this is not an issue for One-Year MBA students.

Almost all of your classes for the spring semester are automatically registered for you. The remaining course is an elective and gives you the opportunity to choose between two different courses. The courses of choice are Human Resources and Regression Analysis and Forecasting. These are two radically different subjects but are both integral in becoming successful in the business world. Human Resources discusses the application of management over an organization’s workforce. This includes attraction, selection, training, and assessment of employees. There is an ever growing need for these positions at every organization. Regression Analysis is the process of determining relationships amongst different variables and is required if you want to concentrate in Finance.

The One-Year MBA program caters to both facets of course registration students have become content with. It satisfies those that enjoy the easiness of having their classes automatically registered based on their curriculum. It also allows the freedom to choose an elective for those that desire some choice in what they take in the preceding semester. No matter what you prefer there is some compromise for everyone. It depends on your tastes and career goals on which elective you wish to take. For me Regression Analysis is the way to go because I want to major in finance. I am looking forward to what the One-Year program has to offer next semester.