As the cold weather sets in and leaves change color, the semester is flying by at a rapid pace. Registration for the spring semester begins in a few weeks and we are slowly nearing the holidays. This hectic time bares similarities to our ninth week in the One-Year MBA program. This past week has been filled with many exciting and studious obstacles. Wednesday brought us the Annual Mentor Reception and Thursday tasked us with a midterm exam in Organizational Behavior.  Both of these events brought very different experiences to our program.

The midterm exam in Organizational Behavior covered everything we have done since the beginning of the semester. The exam in of itself was a massive assessment in terms of both knowledge and size. It covered multiple chapters of which were encapsulated in 100 multiple choice questions. This may seem like a daunting task, but there were many opportunities to boost our chances of receiving a good grade on the exam. We were provided with an optional assignment to write a short paper about a topic covered previously in the semester. Upon completion of this paper, we were guaranteed to add up to eight additional bonus points onto our exam. If multiple choice is not your strong suite, this will definitely help.  

The Annual Mentor Reception was a great opportunity for One-Year students to network with many influential people in a variety of industries. These individuals were very experienced and skillful in their respective fields. They showed levels of excellence and work ethic that you had no choice but to admire. The variety of represented industries provided us with many different perspectives to interact with. From a partner of a small multi-million dollar start-up business to a high level employee of the NFTA, the opportunities to have differentiated conversations were abundant. Networking was done in a casual manner which provided a relaxing atmosphere to mingle. We were allowed to freely approach and converse with whichever mentor we wanted. Also, multiple students simultaneously interacted with one mentor on several topics. This allowed us to not only learn more about the mentor, but learn more about one another as we opened up about our experiences and background. In a couple weeks we will each be assigned one of these mentors and will be able to interact with them about any help or questions we may have. Until then, it will be an exciting wait in anticipation to see who we will be paired with.