Attending the One-Year MBA program is the first time I have experienced Canisius College. I completed my undergraduate education over the course of four years at the University of Buffalo prior to the semester. I feared transitioning to a new school after eight semesters would be a difficult and arduous task. My nervousness was soon rendered mute when I began my three semester journey on campus. The One-Year program has provided me with many positive experiences thus far that deviate from UB.

UB is known to be a school of sizable proportions while Canisius provides a more intimate atmosphere. One-Year MBA students attend all of their courses in the same room instead of traveling around to different locales. This is something that is entirely new to me and I adore it. Although moving to different classrooms is nice as well the idea of being able to remain in a constant place makes it easier to complete assignments. Any breaks you have between classes provide an opportunity to study or relax until the next class begins.

The One-Year program accepts a limited number of individuals which provides a small class roster. This allows us to interact and get to know each other on a deeper level. This substantially contrasts against traditional college course formats. Usually programs have a very large number of students that must be divided into different time-slots. This reduces the amount of which you get to know every student in your program. There is more collaboration within our One-Year class than I had during my undergraduate coursework.

Ultimately, I am very privileged to be able to experience two different sides of what a university can offer. I was equally pleased with the accommodations and course structure of UB in comparison to Canisius. Each college offers different types of experiences that are both satisfying and rewarding. Let’s see what lies ahead as we enter the ninth week of the semester.