Fall break is just around the corner and the thought of finally having a four day weekend is indescribable!

Well, sorry to burst your bubble folks, but those long weekend breaks that everyone looks forward to, do not actually pertain to graduate students. I know it’s heartbreaking and I feel your pain, trust me. Even though Canisius College is closed Monday and Tuesday for Columbus Day, we grad students have to keep sinking into our studies, especially since next week is FINALS WEEK in the HHP program!!

First, no Fall break, and now finals.  Well, believe me, I wish it was April so I could say, “April fools.” No need to worry though, there is a bright side to having 8 week semesters.

Still wondering what that is? I’ll give you a hint….8 is the magic word! Instead of having your classes run for the usual 16 weeks they are now cut in half! How awesome is that!

I’m not sure if all graduate programs follow this approach, but all the classes you will take for Health and Human Performance are 8 weeks long. The internships, however, will last the entire Fall or Spring semester. So, I’m currently taking Epidemiology and Cardiopulmon Pathophysiology. These two classes will both end next week, and the following week, starting October 21st, I will begin Cardiopulmon Pharmacodynamics.

I honestly still cannot believe I’m half way through this semester. Not to mention a week away from completing my first two graduate level courses. Truthfully, these last two weeks are a bit crazy trying to wrap everything up, but lucky for me I only have one final exam for Cardiopulmon Pathophysiology and a small research paper for Epidemiology. I must say, between these two courses I have gained more knowledge in these past 7 weeks than in any 16 week undergraduate class. Both courses have been very interesting and I’m excited to see what Cardiopulmon Pharmacodynamics has in store for me.

Have a great break and until next time!