Instead of spending a significant amount of time on this here blog post, I’m going to spend my evening completing my course evaluations. They’re going to be honest critiques because there were aspects that I absolutely loved about the courses as well as things I thought could easily be traded in for something more beneficial to my professional training as a counselor – material and experiences that were wonderfully eye-opening…and material that was a bit redundant or dull… And it is my hope that an honest evaluation with genuine feedback can foster a change. Maybe not in the curriculum, but at least in the outlook on the way things are done in class.

After all, we should be striving to make this wonderful CACREP program the best it can be. The students are the ones going through the motions and experiencing it all firsthand – we are best suited to shed light on the greatest assets and the greatest downfalls. So we are best suited to offer suggestions on how to improve.

So here I go…

With hope,