The spring semester is rockin’ and rollin’! Classes are in full swing, there have been all sorts of events going on, and students are gearing up for the end of the year. It is an exciting time of year to say the least.

My Nutrition class is going well. Taking an online class took a little getting used to. After a few weeks I got into a good routine and now things are going great. My favorite part of the course is the online discussions. Everyone is required to participate in the discussions, which is great because you hear 15 different points of view rather than just the 1 or 2 you might hear in class.

On more of a fun note, we had students from BOCES come to Demerly Hall for a field trip. The high school students are focusing their studies on health related fields and came to Demerly to check out all the cool equipment. The students got to do VO2 max tests, wingate tests, and body compositions tests with the hydrostatic weight and bod pod. The students were enthusiastic and fun to work with. They all certainly have bright futures ahead of them.

For those of you who have graduated from high school and college, if you are interested in getting a Master’s degree you should come to a Canisius open house event. I have been to a few open houses to talk to prospective students about my experiences thus far and I think they can be very helpful. Recently, I was at a Canisius event talking with prospective students at a Sabres hockey game. Although the Sabres didn’t win the game it was still a lot of fun. Right now Buffalo might not have the best sports teams but the fans are fantastic. Always keep an eye out for open houses or other special events that Canisius offers because they are a great opportunity to get a sneak preview into what the programs are all about!

In the upcoming weeks there is a lot to look forward to, especially warm weather! A lot of my fellow classmates will be graduating and off on various paths. As for me, I have one more year to go! I’m excited to meet new students, learn even more, and get some great internship experience.