Halfway through the semester, on Monday, March 11, we started another three-credit course, Strategy Management and Leadership (MBA 890) with Dr. Molloy. As a part of the one-year M.B.A. curriculum, we will complete this course over the span of the latter half of the spring semester through the first summer session. So far, I am really enjoying this class because it is designed to combine all the material we have learned thus far and teach us how to apply it in an individualized way.

The course material focuses on the development of our analytical skills surrounding strategy formulation. Specifically, the course involves case studies of competitive firms, prediction of competitive advantage, and techniques regarding how firms can develop and sustain competitive advantage over time. Specific attention is given to topics including competitive positioning, comparative costs, and solving problems such as cannibalization, network externalities, globalization, strategic leadership, ethics, and sustainability.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is the platform for our weekly topics. Additionally, a hands-on project is required in which students will act as consultants for a local not-for-profit, which will provide practical experience regarding the formulation of a strategic plan. It will take place over the span of the entire course and each team’s strategic plan will be presented to the class at the end of the first summer session.

I am definitely a big supporter of this team project because the majority of the one-year M.B.A. students are younger individuals that entered into the program directly after the competition of their undergraduate degrees. Needless to say, we could all use more practical experience.