The first spring semester is over! Coming into finals week I had a project, a practical, and two final exams, all within four days. The weekend prior I was prepared to study, study, study, in hopes that I would be prepared for the week to come and not be to overwhelmed. That plan would have worked out great, but I got sick. Nothing terrible, probably just a sinus infection, but we all know how it is when you get sick. You just don’t want to do anything! I did as much as I could and knew my week was going to be a bit more stressful than I had originally planned. Anyways, everything turned out just fine, as it usually does. Well, at least I hope! I haven’t gotten back my grades yet…

Looking back on EKG and Clinical Stress Testing I have to laugh a bit. After the first class I remember thinking, how am I ever going to get through this? The good news is I did get through it! Learning EKG was kind of like a puzzle for me. When you dump the puzzle out there is all these little pieces and it looks totally overwhelming. Then you start putting the puzzle together and it is still hard but the pieces begin to fit together. When you get near the end of the puzzle it all begins to make sense and you can see the finished product. However, if one piece of the puzzle is missing it is incomplete. When the puzzle is complete it is really cool and worth all your hard work. An EKG printout looks like a bunch of squiggly lines. Now I can look at all those squiggly lines and know what they mean! It is really cool!

I also learned a lot in Functional Conditioning. Our final project was to put together a 12-week strength and conditioning program for anyone or any team we wanted to. At first I thought it would be super easy. Let me tell you it turned out to be a very challenging project to do. A lot of thought and consideration needs to go into a strength and conditioning program if you want it to be safe, realistic, and successful. This is just a glimpse into what you need to consider when putting together a strength and conditioning program:

-An analysis of what the sport requires
-An analysis of the athlete you are working with
-Your exercise selection
-The training frequency
-The order you are going to put the exercises in
-The load and repetition you are going to use
-The volume you are going to use
-The amount of rest time you are going to use
-How you plan on progressing though out the program

One major thing I learned during this class is when you are working with people you better know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you are going to do it, or someone could end up getting hurt.

We all know that college is a lot of money. When breaking down how much each class costs the number just seems outrageous. Hopefully in the end it will all pay off. My point is, when I look at the price tag on the two classes I took this semester I can definitely say it was worth the cost.