Now that the Graduate School machine is chugging along, an object in motion should, theoretically, stay in motion, right?  Looking forward to a possible entry into the Ph.D program is, therefore, a distinct possibility for the future. Acquiring a Ph.D is an endeavour not to be taken lightly; the amount of hours and effort it takes to write a dissertation has a great impact on a student’s life, at any age.  When you’re old enough to remember rotary phones and Pong, the chances of finishing a Ph.D before being able to take advantage of the Early Bird Seniors’ Special at local restaurants seems like a Herculean feat.  Also, when I whispered the idea of pursuing a Ph.D to my husband, there was a distinct eye roll and groan, followed by “THE LOOK”. Any of you whom have had a significant other will know what this expression consists of:  at least one raised brow and a look of complete mortification.  After receiving THE LOOK, I wondered what the reaction others might have; here are some of the thoughts that came to mind:

From Family:

“Honey, are you going to get a real job before you die?””

“Seriously, Dad…stop comparing my grades to Grandma’s!”

“It’s not like you can operate on anybody, Mom”

“Mom, it’s really embarrassing when you offer all my drinking buddies proctology exams.  Really.  Stop it”

From Friends:

“Where are you published?  Prevention magazine?”

“Sleeping with the professor is wrong; ESPECIALLY at your age”

“Did you go to elementary school with Moses?”


“Dr. Anderson, please stop whacking the students with your cane”

“It’s appropriate to put your teeth in before graduation pictures, Dr. Anderson”

“Dr. Anderson, it’s time to change your diaper”


Hmmm, maybe this question requires a little thought.  Stay tuned.