As a part of the one-year M.B.A. curriculum, our faculty and advisors strongly recommend trying to obtain an internship in replace of a course during our summer semester. As we all continue to apply for internships regularly, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having a strong résumé. Personally, I have had the career center and a handful of professionals revise my résumé and give me helpful tips.

Throughout this process, I have become aware of many important considerations professionals should take as they create and refine their résumés. Starting with the most obvious, avoid spelling and grammar errors, and maintain a consistent format. Recruiters receive countless résumés on a daily basis. If they can easily narrow down their applicant pool due to poor grammar and formatting, they will definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

Secondly, there is this constant question of whether or not your résumé should be longer than a page. The consensus among the professional community seems to be that if you are a recent graduate, limit the length of your résumé to a page. Conversely, if you have a decade or more of relevant experience, it is appropriate to exceed that limit.

Thirdly, highlight numerical values. How many employees did you lead in your project? How much revenue did you help generate? Also, avoid white space, highlight computer skills, language proficiencies, and extra-curricular activities, especially volunteer work. Organizations are looking for a well-rounded individual and your résumé should definitely reflect that.