Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the Graduate School of Rock band…Let me introduce you to the people that make the weekly drive and effort all worthwhile…

On steel drums, Sug; the heart and soul of the band, Sug shares her love with everyone, allowing all types of vocabulary to fly around the room, never engaging in F-bombs during stressful times.  Already a published author, Sug stays true to her faith and is one of the most talented members of the band.

On bass, Tito the Ninja…the brains of the band, Tito stays silent most of the time, then out of nowhere, slides in with ninja like precision, saying some off the wall comment that summarizes an entire lesson down to one word.  Respectively, also the funniest guy in the band.

On lead vocals, Manchild; half man, half child, vocalizes the needs of others, then will jump up and dance around the room; close relationship with Tito the Ninja, sometimes have to separate the “Mangroup” they form to maintain peace.

On percussion, Jasmine, the exotic wild child of the band; rocks leopard print on any piece of clothing.   The only American in the group, she puts up with the rest of the band and their Canadian accents.  So pure of heart, Jasmine may turn out to be the star of the group.

On keyboards, Jewel.  The unofficial manager of the band, Jewel keeps the rest of us on a straight path, navigating the winds of change each time we meet.  Clearly the best dressed in the band, she needs to help us all upgrade our wardrobes.

Finally, Mama Ren – oldest groupie on tour; loves hanging around the band, acts like the leader, but knows that she couldn’t survive without this Motley Crew.