Hey everyone! After a nice long break Canisius students are back at it! My break was fantastic. Of course it went by too fast as breaks always do, but I am glad to be back. I am currently taking 2 classes: EKG & Clinical Stress Testing and Functional Conditioning. Both courses are taught in class for 8 weeks. I have completed week 1 and to say it is going to be a challenging 8 weeks is an understatement.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) is a test that records the heart’s electrical activity. The EKG reading can help diagnose many cardiac disorders. During the first week of this course we have covered cardiac function, lead systems, the basics in reading an EKG, and determining the electrical axis of the heart. I already feel like I have learned a whole semester’s worth of material in just one week! There is no getting behind in this class. You must understand each concept before moving onto the next or you will find yourself totally lost. Thankfully, the Professor is GREAT, he is very thorough in his teaching and if you need extra help he is more than willing to help you out.

Functional Conditioning is a course focused on how to train athletes for better performance. In this class we will be learning how to optimize training programs for certain goals, such as muscle hypertrophy, improving balance, improving speed, and so on. The professor of this course is the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Niagara University. He clearly has firsthand experience in training athletes for better performance, which is great because he tells us stories from his experiences in the field that really enhance our learning and get us thinking. What is great about this class is it is not solely for training athletes for better performance, the concepts and techniques we learn are useful for many populations.

Well that’s a sneak peek into the next 8 weeks of my life! Hopefully I can be stay focused and be just as optimistic as I am now.