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Finding my Passion – Social Networking and Suicide

By Jenna Lou | December 10, 2012

It’s the end of the semester! And I think I’ve found my passion!
(It seems other students have found theirs as well – ranging from working with clients with STIs to counseling multi-tour veterans with TBI or PTSD)

Granted, I’ve known for a while that I want to work with depressed and suicidal adolescents. (I was one of the few lucky ones in undergrad that had an idea of the client base I wanted from the get-go.) But in terms of research and advocacy, internet/social networking use and the positive and negative impacts of it for teens that struggle with depression, anxiety and suicide ideation has piqued my interest.

For our Introduction to Counseling and Ethics course, we had to do a  research paper and I had the opportunity to focus my studies on this area. I found some eye-opening articles and information on the subject that I thought I’d quickly share with those of you that read this. Perhaps something will resonate with you and you’ll be moved to take action as well…

That being said, I’m growing interested in raising awareness about such benefits and detriments of use. Adolescents with emotional and psychological problems are already burdened enough as it is, they need to have access to encouragement and the wealth of health and hope-oriented resources available online rather than the in-your-face information on maladaptive behavior and ideation forums. Perhaps we can find ways to both moderate the negative uses and promote health-oriented use of the internet and social networking for struggling adolescents and make the internet a safer place for them that way.

I could go on forever about this topic – which I suppose is a sign of my passion. But, that’s all for now.
Time to study for finals!

With hope,

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