Ah… It’s about that time… Job application time.  With less than three weeks left in my final student teaching placement, the questions have been flooding in: “Where do you want to teach?” “What type of teaching job are you looking for?” “What type of school do you want to work in?” and so on.

The truth is- I can’t narrow it down at this point. To me, I love every job within the special education field. I love working with students with learning disabilities in public school inclusion settings. I love working with students with severe disabilities and teaching them functional skills in a private special education school.  I love Buffalo, but I am a traveler at heart and would love to move to a new and exciting city. I love the US, but I am also intrigued by the idea of teaching abroad (especially because now is the time to do something as spontaneous as that)!

So as you can see- I’m torn. I’m blessed to have options and to not feel stuck or cornered in any way.  I think it is a good thing to love the opportunities my degree presents to me, because that means I am more likely to take advantage of them when they come along!

I don’t have the time to look up job postings or opportunities just yet. My focus is solely on my placement and being sure I am prepared each and every day.  As soon as I am done, my job hunt will commence.  I will devote myself to first revising my resume, then nailing down some great references, putting my information on the WNYRIC site for local job postings next, and then looking up schools, school districts, and cities (or countries).

It seems exciting now, although I am sure it will become daunting and stressful very quickly!  My philosophy: you can’t get the job unless you put yourself out there for it!  So I plan to be very diligent and apply for everything I find appealing!