(Well, maybe not medicine…but it’s sure kept us sane over the past couple weeks.

The semester is coming to a close, and what do ya know, we’re enjoying ourselves!
Yeah, we have mountains of work to do – case studies, research papers on counseling techniques and cultural issues, projects and programs designed around specific WNY community needs all due within the next week…not to mention finals to prepare for…

But we’re happy.
We’re laughing.
And we’re getting through the first semester of a rather exhausting program the best way we know how.

Over the past couple months, we’ve bonded as a group of students working in a program that quite often deals with some pretty heavy subjects. We may not get the privilege of referring to the group of us as a cohort according to the school, but we’ve definitely formed our little version of one. After all, the majority of students in the program seem to have more than one class with each other – and the amount of heavy-hearted self-disclosure within those classes has a significant impact on the relationships between students.

Around the time midterms started, I noticed students in the program start hanging out outside of classes. Study groups were formed. Coffee breaks between classes were enjoyed. Plans for drinks after exams were made and the laughter commenced. And for the past few weeks, there hasn’t been a time when a few of us students, new and seasoned – young and old, got together in the library and didn’t laugh to the point where one of the librarians may have had to come over and shush us.

(Dear Librarians,
On behalf of the students in the CMHC/SAC program, we’re sorry!
We’ll try to keep it down next semester!)

Students will even come walking into class telling jokes, or make snarky comments during class to lighten the mood and professors happily engage.
Why not embrace it?
Humor is a wonderful way to maintain one’s emotional well-being.
And professionals in the field of counseling are all about self-care! 😉

It’s a little bittersweet that the semester is ending when students have just now started forming substantial relationships with each other, but I imagine the friendships will carry over into January and we’ll all pick up right where we left off.

With hope,