With only one official week of classes left, then a week of exams, it is time to begin thinking about spring semester. For prospective one-year M.B.A. students, the spring semester is expected to be an extremely busy semester. In fact, the program requires each student to take nineteen credits. Of the nineteen credits, sixteen credits consist of five, mandatory, three-credit courses and phase two of our one-credit Leadership Development Series (also known as Professional Leadership Series).

The last three credits are fulfilled by taking either Regression Analysis and Forecasting or Human Resource Management. Regression Analysis and Forecasting is a prerequisite for students intending on concentrating in finance. For all other students interested in concentrating in either Marketing or International Business, they can choose either course. In fact, our cohort has had much debate about which class will be “more beneficial” in the future for individuals not intending to concentrate in finance. While this debate is obviously subjective, most students have decided to take the Regression Analysis and Forecasting. That is, all students, except for one other and myself.

Overall, I am very excited for the upcoming spring semester. As a cohort, we have really begun to become more comfortable with each other and form a rewarding bond. In fact, we have an upcoming holiday celebration to look forward to after exams, put together by our own former urban planner. Everyone has really taken on their own specialized roles in the cohort, similar to a family. I think it is definitely important to note that this program offers the opportunity to form a solid support system with twenty of your closest colleagues, arguably one of the greatest tools in business.