It is almost time for Thanksgiving break! I know I have a lot to be thankful for, and break is on the list. As much as I enjoy living in Buffalo and going to school at Canisius, I am looking forward to going home to spend some quality time with family and friends. My home is about an hour away from Buffalo so I will be returning on Thanksgiving morning for the 117th YMCA Buffalo Turkey Trot! It is an 8K (4.97 mile) race with over 14,000 runners participating. I ran the race once before and it was so much fun – I am really looking forward to it. I have also heard of a few other people from the Health and Human Performance program say they were doing it too, including the Program Director, Dr. Koch.

As I mentioned this will be second time I participated in the race. Last year I planned on running, but was unable to go due to illness. It is a lot of fun, and I believe it is important to practice what you preach. As a Health and Human Performance major I see the importance of staying healthy and physically fit. I run all year around, but around September I know the Turkey Trot is coming up so I set goals for myself so I will be prepared. In addition, I along with many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and the holidays do come with a feast. Exercising throughout these times can often take a backseat. Staying active throughout the holidays is very important. So signing up for the Turkey Trot is one way to keep me on track.

My school workload over break is not too bad. With the 16 week semester format I was used to in undergrad, I felt like my Thanksgiving break was full of homework. This is likely because there was only a few weeks left in the semester so projects and such were beginning to wrap up before finals. Although, I will have homework to do over this Thanksgiving break, it won’t be an overwhelming amount. With the 8 week class format I have found the intensity level to remain about the same from the start to the finish. The intensity level is high, but if you keep up with the work it doesn’t all come crashing down on you at once.

I hope everyone enjoys their week, I know I will!