There comes a point in every student’s academic career that they learn to not worry about the grades anymore.

I think I’ve reached this point.

And it’s not about being apathetic towards grades but rather it’s about learning to accept that absorbing the information and taking things to heart should take precedence over scores on exams or reviews of papers.

(Though for many this happens in high school or undergraduate studies, generally I believe this should happen in grad school as the courses you find yourself taking are tailored to your career choice and areas of interest rather than schedule fillers, prerequisites or gen-ed courses that many claim they “couldn’t care less about”.)

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’m a perfectionist and a self-proclaimed nerd – so getting lower than an A on an assignment feels like a punch in the gut. Being in the midst of Midterm season has proven to be quite dodgy too. I can study and study and study for an exam, feel like I’ve learned a lot and feel somewhat comfortable with my knowledge of certain subjects only to find myself with that ever-dreaded stomach pain when I get my grade back…

But I’ve recently come to realize that no matter what grade I get, I am learning and growing as a professional and if I continue to put in the effort that I am, I will have had a truly successful experience in the counselor education program.
So. Forget about the grades – You’ve picked a career path that interests you – Keep it a passion and make the effort to grow instead of worrying so much about getting those perfect grades.


With hope,