Hi again everyone!

It is clear to me that time really does fly by. I cannot believe that we are almost through April and graduation will be here before I even realize it! These eight-week classes really expedite the time!

In Health Impacts on Academic Success K-12, we learned about the acute and chronic issues affecting children. We discussed everything from asthma to oral health and it was quite fascinating. There are so many physical issues that children have to deal with all of the time that literally shock me. As mentioned by my professor, there are young children, with Type 1 diabetes, who are experts in administering insulin shots because they understand the importance of it to their overall health status.

The most interesting topic this week was on oral health. Surprisingly, oral health is the biggest health issue facing children and adolescents. In fact, in 2007 in California, there were 874,000 missed schools days due to dental issues. (Hassey, 2011) Maintaining oral health is so simple, yet parents are either not educated in good oral hygiene or children are refusing to brush at least twice daily and floss daily. However, dental health is important and needs to be addressed because problems with teeth can be distracting and really have negatives effects on their learning. As Professor Hassey points out, can we fully concentrate on something when our mouth hurts? Our attention gets taken away from the “task at hand” when we are in any type of pain.

I look forward to sharing more experiences with all of you….