Hello Everyone!  I am alive!!!  I am sorry it’s been so long since I last posted.  This entry will be extra long and informational to make up for it!

Well, I had a fabulous winter break.  I was able to relax a bit and spend some quality time with my family and friends.  On January 3rd, a small group of fellow CSPAers and I headed down to New Orleans, LA to do some service work.  It was a great trip!  We worked with St. Bernards Project and spent our time volunteering at a house in the 9th ward.  We even got to meet the owner!  He was the sweetest man ever, so kind and appreciative.  I love being able to do mission work!



Upon returning from the trip, life immediately got extremely stressful.  Last semester, about half the cohort (including me) opted to take a written and oral exam instead of completing a thesis paper.  These exams were administered during the end of January, which meant I was studying like CRAZY the few weeks after returning from NOLA.  The good news is, everyone in the cohort passed both the written AND the oral exams!  We are now one step closer to graduation in May.  The only thing standing between us and a diploma is the Capstone course!

After the stress of exams it’s like we didn’t skip a beat and were launched right into job hunting.  Sandy (our program director) sends out a book every year to all her past students and contacts containing a cover letter and resume of each graduating student.  Our cover letters and resumes were due the first week of February.

After that, it was time to start posting our materials on the ACPA C3 (Career Central at Convention) website in hopes to set up job interviews at ACPA.  Around this time, I started to become very overwhelmed with everything associated with job hunting and graduation.  I am a terrible interviewer, and in addition to that, I have no residence life experience (which is the functional area within student affairs that contains the majority of job vacancies).

However, three schools have contacted me to set up an interview at ACPA… so that makes me feel a little better!  And, after reviewing all the various experiences I have gained throughout this program, I realize that I have acquired some great transferrable skills!  Now, I am just focusing on preparing to interview.  I am working with the Career Center and the Director of Residence Life here at Casnisius.  They are both giving me great feedback, and slowly I am becoming more confident.  Also, the following song has really helped me put things into perspective…

Consider the Ravens – Dustin Kensrue

Just a side note, Canisius College brought Dan Savage (GBLTQ activist) to campus a few weeks ago.  He and his husband created the “It Gets Better” campaign.  I am SO proud of Canisius, a Jesuit College, bringing such a speaker to Buffalo!  Way to go Canisius!

I promise to write again soon!