It’s over.  Everything is finished and handed in!  My finals are done!  I have completed my third semester of grad school!  Three down, one to go.  CRAZY!

The Holiday Party ended up going extremely well!  We had a good turnout and there was TONS of food.  Success!







I did well on my Law final.  It was an oral exam.  Wondering what that means?  Well, the professor draws names out of a basket, and when your name is called you go up to the front of the classroom, choose your envelope (there were 28 envelopes each containing 4 questions), and she gives you your 4 question exam verbally in front of the entire class.  It is completely nerve-wracking… but it’s over in a matter of seconds.  In situations like that I completely black out, but my classmates tell me I answered all of my questions correctly.  I am hoping for an “A” in the class.  Fingers crossed!

Diversity is a different story!  We only got one grade back the entire semester, so I have absolutely NO clue how I performed in that class?  “Worry is interest paid on a debt you may never have,” so I’m not going to stress over it. :)

Also, I officially applied for the Internship and Experiential Learning Coordinator position in Anchorage!  I have no clue if I will even get an interview?  But if for some reason I landed the job, it would be SO COOL!!!  What a fun adventure the next portion of my life would be!

Last night a bunch of us headed to Thirsty Buffalo for Trivia!  Team CSPA ended up coming in third, which sounds quite impressive… but when you consider that we had about 13 graduate students on our team, we probably should have been first. Haha.  It was fun nonetheless.

GASPA (<– Buffalo State’s student affairs graduate association) is having a bowling social tonight.  We try to network with them often, so a bunch of Canisius CSPA people are going.  It should be a good time!  And then the MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST is tonight at Canisius… perhaps my favorite meal of the year behind Thanksgiving!  I love breakfast!!!

Most of my classmates are wrapping up their Assistantships this week and heading home this weekend.  Buffalo is going to be so quiet over the Holidays!  It will be nice though!  I am going to check out a bunch of books from the library and get my read on!  I am excited to leisure read (I am such a nerd)!

Well, if I do not get a change to post again before the Holidays, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  HAPPY HANAKUA!  Be safe and enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones!  See ya next semester!