Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 29

Zoo, Bowling and Carnival Day

I can’t complain about this week at CSAT. It’s pretty fantastic. Today, we went to the zoo. Tomorrow we have a carnival and on Wednesday we get to go bowling. Rough, I know.

Jun 28

Week 5=>Week 1

So week 5 was a bit stressful, I had a bunch of papers due and not very much free time to do so because of working. I knew summer classes were going to be a lot, but I took on too much with work, I’m just glad I survived and hopefully my grades reflect the amount of work I did put in, along with the 3 all-nighters I pulled just to get all my work done throughout the 5 weeks.

Jun 20

Week 4

Week 4, I’m going crazy. Had to pull an all nighter to get all of my homework done, working 46 hours wasn’t a great choice, but I got to look at the pluses, money for NYC. My friend has a sublet from July 1st to August 1st, so this girl is going to spend a month in NYC, and hopefully if I can get a full time position, I will be staying. I’ve already started looking for jobs, even though I’ve been looking for well over a year, I’m going into over drive. I’m super excited to see my friends and old roommates and just be back in New York, even though it may not be permanent.

Jun 20

Week 3

So I apologize for being a slacker when it comes to updating my blog, I’m going to try to go back and fill you all in, on the last couple weeks, so I will be posting a couple of blogs in a row. Week 3, summer session is flying by, it’s crazy. I’m really loving one of my classes, and the other one, the professor is clearly new to this online teaching thing, so they’re a bit disorganized and that sort of bugs me. I also agreed to work a lot of hours, which is great in terms of money, but doesn’t leave a lot of time left for homework or sleep.

Jun 19

Exploring England

Live vicariously through my travels and read an entire blog dedicated to my fun excursions in England last weekend to: Cornwall, Porthcurno, Batallack, Sennen Cove, Land’s End, St. Ives, and Bath!

Jun 17

Electric Feel

And we’re back, better than ever. Summer is in full swing. Students are in class, people are outside, and life continues to move on. Since the last time I wrote I have experienced some of Buffalos great offerings. I have taken in a Bisons game, which they unfortunately lost. I have volunteered down in Orchard Park. I have gone to my first “Thursday at the Square.” And I’m also back in class.

Jun 17

Practicum Experience

I’m looking forward to finishing my summer courses next week so I can spend more time at my practicum!

Jun 14

Landing in London

This is the first of several blogs I will be posting from ENGLAND! This first one is about my first weekend in London…

Jun 12

Teaching for Real

Last week was the first week I taught my unit. I spent three days reviewing math with the students. Each day had the same format: reading a book or poem, reviewing the concept, playing a game and then have a grand discussion about what we learned. The students were squirrelly and didn’t want to listen, but during the games I had their almost complete attention.

Jun 10

What a week!

Whew! Thank goodness I made it to Friday! This has been a challenging week.

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