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Thinking of a lenten promise is quite difficult and each year I struggle to determine what I should give up. I feel as though many people are in this boat of struggle with me.

So this lent, I decided that I would make a conscious effort to attend mass each Sunday. I chose to make this promise because I felt that I was drifting away from my faith and I really wanted to reconnect with God.

You are probably wondering, how have I been doing with my lenten promise. Well, I have been to every mass on Sundays at 9:30. I have never felt so good and connected to my God. In addition to attending mass, I decided to get much more involved with Canisius College Campus Ministry and Social Justice events.

This lent has really given me a fresh perspective on my faith, and has reinforced how important faith is in my life. I want to continue to attend mass and being involved on campus way after lent has ended.

I hope that all of your lenten promises have been kept and that your promise has had a positive affect on your life.

Happy Lent!