Hello Canisius College Campus Ministry International Service-Immersion Teams!

Welcome to your blog!

This is YOUR site – a place where you can post observations, reflections, photos and video about your international experiences.  Simply find your team and year and post away!  This is also a place where you can see and share in what happened on the other Campus Ministry trips and get the bigger picture on what Canisius students are doing around the world.

I’d like to ask EVERYONE to post at least one reflection and one photo/video on this blog that speaks to one of our cornerstone values: Solidarity, Social Justice, Spirituality or Simplicity.

We’ll use this site to reflect at our retreat in the fall.  Happy Posting!

Peace, Lu

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. El Salvador ’12

    It was a series of conflicting impressions, incredibly beautiful yet indescribably ugly; completely terrifying at times and at others totally inspiring and uplifting. We heard accounts of humanity at its worst, tales of mutilation of the defenseless and torture of the innocent, of a society completely corrupt where decisions are made by those completely removed from the reality of life. We witnessed firsthand overwhelming poverty, crime, discrimination, and in many ways despair. And yet at the end, we’re left inspired rather than hopeless because from all of the bad has emerged the best examples of human compassion, fortitude, love, and solidarity that transcend the barriers of language, race and wealth. We saw a nation and a people that after having been the victims of local and international tyrants, is willing to forgive, yet not forget. To use those memories to educate themselves and the world, and to build a local and global community that looks to the future, but doesn’t forget the past.

  2. whooops. Didn’t see the specific pages for the respective trips…but thats the best summary I have of our El Salvador trip as of now…

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